About Me


Hey I'm Bri Greene!! And welcome to my world!  I'm a mom and wife who has been pursuing her entrepreneurial passions by building an online empire from my laptop As a former middle school science teacher and assistant principal, I "retired" from my job 8 years ago in 2010, to become a full-time online entrepreneur. Over this time, not only have I been able to build a network of multiple income streams but I've also accrued significant experience in a wide array of online business ventures.

Currently, I am a 3rd party retailer on Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Jet, Bonanza and Etsy, I own a print on demand t-shirt company with designs sold through marketplaces such as Merch by Amazon, Amazon FBA, Ebay, Etsy, Zazzle, Tee Public, Design by Humans and Redbubble. 


In addition to my online retail ventures, I am an author and marketer and I co-own both Elite Product Sourcing and VA Rentals - two services serving 3rd party Amazon sellers with their outsourcing needs - specializing in online arbitrage product leads for Amazon FBA and Merch by Amazon t-shirt designs.


This change in lifestyle has afforded our family freedom of time, financial security and fun. And as I look back at how far I've come - from near bankruptcy with tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt and unpaid loans without a penny to invest - I began to realize how readily attainable our lifestyle is for any average person or family with the ambition, motivation, diligence and hustle to learn and take action. 

Coach, Mentor

This realization inspired me to set out on my mission of sharing with others just how readily attainable this business and lifestyle are.  To show likeminded individuals with similar life goals and aspirations that there are so many legitimate, powerful business ideas available online that just about anyone can set-up a side hustle, leave their draining 9-5 job, pay off massive credit card bills, build a business or develop an empire of multiple income streams.


Elite Product Sourcing

 At Elite Product Sourcing we offer an array of services to aid Amazon FBA sellers in locating products to purchase and resell in various online marketplaces. 

Our staff is comprised of part-time and full-time Amazon and eBay sellers with extensive experience in selling products in online marketplaces. With over 30 years of active experience and millions of dollars in sales, our product finding specialists are extremely well versed in analyzing marketplace trends and locating profitable products. 


VA Rentals

 Whether you have a small or large job you need to accomplish you can "borrow" one of our VA's services for a wide variety of tasks. Currently available are VAs for Merch by Amazon t-shirt designs and for OA product sourcing. And soon we will have options available for creating new listings, Amazon account maintenance, filing for reimbursements, SEO/keyword optimization and website design. Our VA team is ready and waiting to help you grow & automate your business. Time equals money so do yourself a favor and outsource! 


Hustling from Home

Strategies for building your own personal business empire....... of one. Making a 7-figure income from home, while flying solo. Whether you have money to invest or not a penny to your name, anyone can learn how to "Hustle From Home" and how to reclaim the freedom of time that most people find impossible to obtain.