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2017 Ecommerce Momentum Interview


2017 - Interview # 2 with Stephen Peterson of Ecommerce Momentum. 

"You can’t help but get pumped talking with Brianna. She gets it! She understands what she wants and is willing to do what is necessary to get it and not let the business goal leak continue. The leaks happens as you get side tracked and start to rationalize it. It is TIME SUCK!   It starts small and cuts little snippets of time from things you love, time with your kids, reading, taking care of your health. Not in Brianna’s world. Again she gets it."

2017 Raiken Profit YouTube Appearance


2017 - Guest appearance with Steve Raiken & The Bonafide Hustler on The Green Show. 

We discuss Amazon FBA, Merch by Amazon and side hustles that make you money online.

2018 E-Com Chicago, Speaker


Whether you sell on eBay, Amazon Marketplace, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify or your own eCommerce website, ecomChicago is the midwest's best eCommerce conference! There will be 3 jam-packed days of vendor demos, expert ecommerce speakers, and tips & tricks that you can use to jump-start, grow, or streamline your online business. There's also opportunities for networking and building a rapport with experts and peers within the e-commerce community which will change your business dramatically.

You'll hear from speakers with proven track records and having real-world case studies.We have pros from the e-commerce world who have grown world class businesses.

2018 Thrifty Business Interview


2018 guest appearance on Thrifty Business with Jason T Smith of Thrift Hunters and The Thrifting Board. We chat about shipping how-tos, thrifting hacks, solving Ebay issues, consuming rum and so, much more!!! 

Join Jason's FB Group The Thrifting Board to learn Ebay hacks & best practices from the OGs in the game:


2018 Millennial Boss, Firedrill Podcast Interview


Brianna Moller Greene was a tenured teacher when she got divorced and was stuck with the bills.  She discovered Ebay and quickly started making money turning clothing and other household items online. Soon she was making more on Ebay than she was making in teaching.  She took a leave of absence from teaching and decided to never go back.  She now has a million dollar e-commerce business across Amazon and Ebay. You’ll love her incredible story and how she breaks down e-commerce into simple things the average person can do.

Join the fire crew and change your life: Firedrill Podcast 

Millennial Boss Blog


2018 Merch Money Show


Join Brianna Moller Greene & 4 other fabulous female entrepreneurs for their weekly "Merch Money: Building Million Dollar Empires, One Shirt at a Time", YouTube Show. Airing live, Monday nights at 8pm EST.

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2014 Scavenger Life Podcast Interview


Brianna's first industry interview with Jay & Ryanne of Scavenger Life where she discusses how she earns over $12,000 a month selling part-time on eBay, while staying home full-time with her daughter. 


2015 Ecommerce Momentum Interview


Men we really need to step up our game! Get ready to realize we are not pulling our weight, we are getting crushed by the fourth in my Women in eCommerce series!  So get ready to feel a little inadequate, and then take action, move forward and crush it like Brianna.

 -Stephen Peterson


2015 FBA Master Guest Blog Post


Brianna's guest post for FBA Master where she discusses how to source and sell shoes through Amazon FBA.


2016 FBA Master Guest Blog Post


Mastering Keywords on Merch by Amazon. "Brianna Moller Greene is someone I follow very closely with all things related to Merch by Amazon. Her Facebook group can be found here and it is one you should join right now. This post was actually requested by me because I was so impressed with this layout of keywords and I wanted to share it with all of you! 

– CW (Chris Wilkey)* "


2016 FBA Master Guest Blog Post


 How to Use a Product Sourcing List. 

" It has long been a popular post on our site, and she has used all her knowledge to help grow her business helping others learn to source as well.  In this post, she goes into several other methods for using a product sourcing list, besides the obvious “click and buy.” 

Enjoy. - John Cyscon III


2016 888 Lots Guest Blog Post


2016 - This week we have Brianna Moller Greene from Elite Product Sourcing (EPS) – a premier product sourcing service for Amazon FBA and other online marketplaces. She is an active member in the community, you can see the EPS Facebook group and website further down in this blog post.


2016, 888 Lots Guest Blog Post


A guest blog post for 888 Lots where Brianna discusses the recent mass category and brand restrictions on Amazon.


2016, 888 Lots Guest Blog Post


2016 - A guest blog post for 888 lots where Brianna presents 10 simple Spring cleaning steps to take in order to obtain and maintain organization within your Amazon FBA business.


2017 Millennial Boss Guest Interview


2017 - Feature Friday: Traveling Lady Boss with a 7 Figure Amazon FBA Business. Guess Interview with Millennial Boss. 


2018 Merch by Amazon Strategy Guide


Contributor to Michael Essany's FREE Merch by Amazon 2018 Strategy Guide 


Ask Me Anything Event with AMA Feed


AMA FEED EVENT: "I'm a former teacher, laptop lifestyle, work from home, entrepreneur that grosses over $1 Million a year through my various online side hustles! AMA!"


Project EGG Interview


I had the pleasure of speaking with Ben Gothard, author of "C.E.O. at 20" and Founder of Project E.G.G. as a guest on his show!!!  

We had a fantastic chat about the structure of my laptop lifestyle and I answer some of his more thought provoking questions behind why I do what I do.  Check out Ben's social media links, subscribe to his show and take a peek at the books that he has written as well!  You will be blown away by the value bombs dropped by his past guests as well as by the incredible experience and authority Ben himself brings to the table already at the age of 23!! 

Project EGG Website

Ben's Work

YouTube Interview