Outsourcing Design: Hiring the Right Designer & Communicating Your Ideas Effectively 

by Michael Goldberg, Christopher Geraci & Brianna Moller Greene

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My Favorite Lifestyle Products

Visit my Amazon Influencer page to review my favorite lifestyle products including business supplies, health goodies, apparel & accessories that I'm OBSESSED with.

"See You at The Top Boo" Tee

"See You at The Top Boo" T-Shirt

"Savage" Tee

savage boss hustler t-shirt

Savage T-Shirt

Trucker Hats

$2,739 Per Day Millionaire Tee

$2,739 Money Sales Per Day = $1 Million T-Shirt

Progress Motivational Tee

"Progress Begins Where Your Comfort Zone Ends" T-Shirt

Girl Boss Tee

"Just a Girl Boss, Building Her Empire" T-Shirt

My Favorite Position is C.E.O. Tee

My Favorite Position is C.E.O. T-Shirt

Poppy Apparel

Check out this absolutely adorable clothing line from Poppy Apparel. Whether you're feeling loud and want to rock a feminist tee or you're feeling romantic and want to run barefoot in a bohemian maxi dress - they've got you covered. Use code LADYBOSSBMG for 10% off your purchase!

Bulletproof Coffee

The Bulletproof Diet is what kick started my fitness journey! Check out all the great goodies they offer for transitioning to a healthier, ketogenic lifestyle.

Mom Life Trucker Hat

For my mama friends ..... "Mom Life" trucker hat that I sport in some of my pics & videos. I may or may not have one in just above every color ;)  And I cannot lie. Best thing ever for hot mess hair days, windy days, beach days and pool days.  The FBA seller on the listing has prime offers now too - for quick shipping!!

Seven Jeans

Your destination for premium designer denim jeans with an emphasis on quality & fit.  Styles: Skinny, Straight, Slim Fit, Slim Boot

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